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numeric::Fixed< I, F > Class Template Reference

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struct  no_scale

Public Types

typedef base_type_info::value_type base_type
typedef detail::type_from_size
< total_bits > 

Public Member Functions

 Fixed (long n)
 Fixed (int n)
 Fixed (const Fixed &o)
 Fixed (unsigned int n)
 Fixed (unsigned long n)
 Fixed (float n)
 Fixed (double n)
 operator int () const
bool operator! () const
Fixedoperator&= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator*= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator++ ()
Fixedoperator+= (const Fixed &n)
Fixed operator- () const
Fixedoperator-- ()
Fixedoperator-= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator/= (const Fixed &n)
bool operator< (const Fixed &o) const
Fixedoperator<<= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator= (const Fixed &o)
bool operator== (const Fixed &o) const
Fixedoperator>>= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator^= (const Fixed &n)
Fixedoperator|= (const Fixed &n)
Fixed operator~ () const
void swap (Fixed &rhs)
double to_double () const
float to_float () const
int to_int () const
base_type to_raw () const
unsigned int to_uint () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Fixed from_base (base_type n)

Public Attributes

base_type data_

Static Public Attributes

static const std::size_t fractional_bits = F
static const std::size_t integer_bits = I
static const base_type one = base_type(1) << fractional_bits
static const std::size_t total_bits = I + F

Private Member Functions

 BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT (detail::type_from_size< I+F >::is_specialized)
 Fixed (base_type n, const no_scale &)

Static Private Attributes

static const std::size_t base_size = base_type_info::size
static const base_type fractional_mask = ~((~base_type(0)) << fractional_bits)
static const base_type integer_mask = ~fractional_mask

Detailed Description

template<std::size_t I, std::size_t F>
class numeric::Fixed< I, F >

Definition at line 229 of file Fixed.hpp.

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