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ExcellonProcessor Class Reference

Reads Excellon drill files and directly creates RS274-NGC gcode output. More...

#include <drill.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void add_header (string)
 ExcellonProcessor (const string drillfile, const ivalue_t board_width)
void export_ngc (const string of_name, shared_ptr< Cutter > target, bool mirrored, bool mirror_absolute)
void export_ngc (const string of_name, shared_ptr< Driller > target, bool mirrored, bool mirror_absolute)
shared_ptr< const map< int,
drillbit > > 
get_bits ()
shared_ptr< const map< int,
icoords > > 
get_holes ()
void set_postamble (string)
void set_preamble (string)
void set_svg_exporter (shared_ptr< SVG_Exporter > svgexpo)

Private Member Functions

void millhole (std::ofstream &of, float x, float y, shared_ptr< Cutter > cutter, float holediameter)
void parse_bits ()
void parse_holes ()

Private Attributes

bool bDoSVG
shared_ptr< map< int, drillbit > > bits
const ivalue_t board_width
vector< string > header
shared_ptr< map< int, icoords > > holes
string postamble
string preamble
gerbv_project_t * project
shared_ptr< SVG_Exportersvgexpo

Detailed Description

Reads Excellon drill files and directly creates RS274-NGC gcode output.

While we could easily add different input and output formats for the layerfiles to pcb2gcode, i've decided to ditch the importer/exporter scheme here. We'll very likely not encounter any drill files that gerbv can't read, and still rather likely never export to anything other than a ngc g-code file. Also, i'm lazy, and if I turn out to be wrong splitting the code won't be much effort anyway.

Definition at line 67 of file drill.hpp.

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