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Surface Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void add_mask (shared_ptr< Surface >)
boost::shared_ptr< Surfacedeep_copy ()
void fill_outline (double linewidth)
ivalue_t get_height_in ()
vector< shared_ptr< icoords > > get_toolpath (shared_ptr< RoutingMill > mill, bool mirror, bool mirror_absolute)
ivalue_t get_width_in ()
void render (boost::shared_ptr< LayerImporter > importer) throw (import_exception)
void save_debug_image (string)
 Surface (guint dpi, ivalue_t min_x, ivalue_t max_x, ivalue_t min_y, ivalue_t max_y)

Protected Member Functions

bool allow_grow (int x, int y, guint32 ownclr)
void calculate_outline (int x, int y, vector< std::pair< int, int > > &outside, vector< std::pair< int, int > > &inside)
void fill_a_component (int x, int y, guint32 argb)
std::vector< std::pair< int,
int > > 
fill_all_components ()
guint32 get_an_unused_color ()
uint grow_a_component (int x, int y, int &contentions)
void make_the_surface (uint width, uint height)
void run_to_border (int &x, int &y)
int xi2pt (ivalue_t xi)
ivalue_t xpt2i (int xpt)
int yi2pt (ivalue_t yi)
ivalue_t ypt2i (int ypt)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void opacify (Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Pixbuf > pixbuf)

Protected Attributes

< Cairo::ImageSurface > 
guint32 clr
const ivalue_t dpi
const ivalue_t max_x
const ivalue_t max_y
const ivalue_t min_x
const ivalue_t min_y
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Pixbuf > pixbuf
std::vector< guint32 > usedcolors
const int zero_x
const int zero_y

Static Protected Attributes

static const int procmargin = 10

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file surface.hpp.

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