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Board Class Reference

Represents a printed circuit board. More...

#include <board.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Board (int dpi, bool fill_outline, double outline_width)
void createLayers ()
uint get_dpi ()
ivalue_t get_height ()
shared_ptr< Layerget_layer (string layername)
ivalue_t get_max_x ()
ivalue_t get_max_y ()
ivalue_t get_min_x ()
ivalue_t get_min_y ()
vector< shared_ptr< icoords > > get_toolpath (string layername)
ivalue_t get_width ()
vector< string > list_layers ()
void prepareLayer (string layername, shared_ptr< LayerImporter > importer, shared_ptr< RoutingMill > manufacturer, bool topside, bool mirror_absolute)
void set_margins (double margins)

Private Types

typedef tuple< shared_ptr
< LayerImporter >, shared_ptr
< RoutingMill >, bool, bool > 

Private Attributes

uint dpi
bool fill_outline
map< string, shared_ptr< Layer > > layers
ivalue_t margin
ivalue_t max_x
ivalue_t max_y
ivalue_t min_x
ivalue_t min_y
double outline_width
map< string, prep_t > prepared_layers

Detailed Description

Represents a printed circuit board.

This class calculates the required minimum board size and applies the (not yet) described operations on the photoplots of each layer to calculate the toolpaths.

Definition at line 56 of file board.hpp.

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